Hydrogen Motor Background


I have driven more than 30 different automobiles over a period of 54 years. Along the way I have had experienced with anything from 4 cylinder Renaults to Range Rover V8s and various American classics.

During this lifetime I estimate I have driven an average of 15000 miles per year, or 810,000 miles over my lifetime. Each mile has resulted in 3 grams of CO2 production, for a grand total of about 2.7 tons of CO2.

According to the Physics Handbook, there are 600 million cars worldwide. Imagine 300 million drivers contributing this amount of CO2 over the next 50 years. Predictions are that the world will be quite a different place due to higher mean world temperatures, extreme weather events, ozone layer reduction, animal and plant extinctions, and the spread of diseases.

For my part, I am sorry for my share of pollution for the past 50 years. I hope that with this invention we can take a step closer to averting severe planetary disruptions.

A. Morin

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