Hydrogen Motors Investors Information

We are very serious about bringing this technology to market. We are looking for $2 million in initial funding and strategic partnerships.We are also looking for sponsors to enter the Automotive X-Prize Competition

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Inventors and Founders

Dr. Wilson Hago

Dr. Hago holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Brown University and a bachelor’s in Physics from Harvard University. He is co-author of 7 patents in the battery field and has written scientific papers in areas ranging from surface properties of metals to electrochemistry. Dr. Hago also has extensive industrial experience in the physical and chemical analysis of materials. Dr. Hago’ experience in both academic research and industrial applications makes him perfectly suited for this project.

Andre Morin

Andre Morin, a native of France, is an experienced airplane pilot, mechanic, and photographer. He attended the Military School of Aviation in Rochefort, France. During the French-Algerian war he flew numerous convoy missions to North Africa. Besides being a pilot, Mr. Morin has practical experience in airplane turbo reactor systems, star cycle motors, and helicopter mechanical systems and maintenance. Mr. Morin is the author


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